Friday, November 27, 2015

What Is It???

I found boxes with Copper and my names on them. We couldn't help but give them a little shake. Mine sounded like something good and I can't wait to open it up. We also found a great new kids gacha event called Everything Kids Gacha and the first round starts on Nov. 24th. So get those piggy banks busted and head on over to find some super cool stuff. Gachas make great little gifts for the holidays.

* This Round of Everything Kids Gacha runs from Nov. 24th - Dec. 17th *

✰ Pose: Romeo's Gallery - Christmas Train 5 @ Everything Kids Gacha
✰ Sweater: Mikanto - Whovian Winter
✰ Pants: bop! Mesh Pants - Beige Corduroy
✰ Boots: ::MA:: Kids & Baby Flat Boots "tUggS" - V1.0
✰ Bracelet: Izzie's - Pride Bracelet
✰ Hair: [taketomi]_Shin_Platinums
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses

✰ Decor 
Romeo's Gallery - RARE Christmas Train Prop @ Everything Kids Gacha
Alouette - Fireplace Stockings
Alouette - Bailey Fireplace
Alouette - Bailey Fireplace Stool
Alouette - Bailey Rocking Chair
Alouette - Bailey FIreplace Tools
LAQ Decor ~ Christmas Tree

Now go out and Love Yourself
                     ♥ Mouse

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas Puppy?

Momma just couldn't wait to give us one of our presents but then it would have been hard to hide him. She adopted us a super cute puppy and our new pet ferrets were curious about him. We still gotta pick a name for him but if you want a cute little puppy make sure you stop by Tannenbaum starting Nov. 25th.

Tannenbaum runs from Nov. 25th - Dec. 25th*

* This Round of Everything Kids Gacha runs from Nov. 24th - Dec. 17th *

✰Pose: ~*Buglets*~ Holiday Photo Pose - Look! @ Everything Kids Gacha

✰ Sweater: Mikanto - Force Winter 
✰ Pants: bop! Mesh Pants - Blue Jeans
✰ Necklace: ~*S.E.*~ Gender Identity Necklace - Gender Fluid @ GEN-Neutral
✰ Hair: *ARGRACE* Noah - Blondes
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses

✰ Sweater: Mikanto - Hyrule Winter
✰ Pants: bop! Mesh Pants - Beige Corduroy 
✰ Necklace: ~*S.E.*~ Gender Identity Necklace - Gender Fluid @ GEN-Neutral
✰ Hair: Magika [01] Careful
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses

✰ Decor 
*Hextraordinary*  Present Puppies - Chichuahua (Rez) @ Tannenbaum 
MishMish- Ferret decor @ Collabor88
LAQ Decor ~ Christmas Tree

Now go out and Love Yourself
                     ♥ Mouse

Monday, November 23, 2015

Midnight Snack

I got this super yummy looking pair of glasses from Tic Tot Toe at the Color Me Cute event. I just had to have donuts that night. So I went to kitchen and was just in luck but only thing was they were up super high. I tired to climb but I'm just a little too short to reach.

* This round of Color Me Cute runs Now till Dec. 1st *

✰ Sweatshirt/Pants: {Petite Bowtique} Erin Outfit @ Color Me Cute
✰ Clogs: <:*BoOgErS*:>  Clogs & Leg Warmers Original @ Spilled Milk
✰ Necklace: ~*S.E.*~ Gender Identity Necklace - Gender Fluid @ GEN-Neutral
✰ Glasses on Head: TTT - Donut Glasses (Sprinkles) RARE Color Me Cute
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses

✰ Decor 
{ S&S } Yummy Drinks @ Color Me Cute

Now go out and Love Yourself
                     ♥ Mouse

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snow Time Fun

Today my big sissy took me out and tried to teach me to snowboard. She even got me my own snowboard to maker hers. It was really cold out and I fell a lot but it was so much fun. When we got inside my boots didn't want to come off so she had to help me. I can't wait till next time and if you want a super cool snowboard like us go visit the Thrift Shop . If you need some super cute and warm leggings go check out Petite Bowtique at the new event Lucky 7.

* This round of Lucky 7 Runs from Nov. 7th - Nov. 27th *

✰ Hoodie: .S&S. Pullover Hoodie - Clay
✰ Leggings: {PB} Bryn Leggings Pink Baby @ Lucky 7
✰ Boots:{lma} suede booties in beige.
✰ Scarf: Izzie's - Winter Scarf (male) @ GEN-Neutral
✰ Beanie: -DD- Mouse Beanie (White)
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰  Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sugar Rush Mesh Hair - Rye +  /Wasabi Pills/ Marin Mesh Hair - UNRIGGED - Rye (Heavy modding)

✰ Decor 
NACH Buddy Bench @ Lucky 7
Little Llama - Snowboard - Watercolor RARE @ Thrift Shop
Little Llama - Snow Donut - Cats @ Thrift Shop
[BOX] Wubba Soothie - Baby Bear
+Half-Deer+ Snow Tracks - Shoeprints Adult and Kid) -fullbright

Now go out and Love Yourself
                     ♥ Mouse

Monday, November 16, 2015

Winter Critters

I went outside today and found snow all over the ground. I don't know where it came from and it's kind of early but I had to play anyway. So I ran inside and put on my new warm winter dress from Petite Bebe that I got at Lucky 7. This event is brand new so go check it out. While I was playing I found some new fuzzy little friend and they followed me home. I really hope my momma lets me keep them. 

* This round of Lucky 7 Runs from Nov. 7th - Nov. 27th *

✰ Dress/Shoes: Petite Bebe - Winter Reindeer Dress @ Lucky 7
✰ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Althea
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses

✰ Decor 
MishMish - Ferret decor Collabor88

Now go out and Love Yourself
                              ♥ Mouse

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Making Memories

Last night my big sissy came over with her new guitar. I liked it so much she showed me how you hold it and helped me play a song. I want to grow up be just like her. I don't know what momma will say but I'm only 3 so I will change my mind a million times. She said she got her guitar at the new event Lucky 7 . 

* This round of Lucky 7 runs from Nov. 7th - 27th *

✰ Pose: [BOX] The Bassics @ Lucky 7
✰ Shirt: <:*BoOgErS*:> T-Shirt with Hud @ Spilled Milk
✰ Pants: <:*BoOgErS*:>  Knit Pants with Hud @ Spilled Milk
✰ Clogs: <:*BoOgErS*:>  Clogs & Leg Warmers Original @ Spilled Milk
✰ Arm Warmers: {PB} Arm Warmer Black Baby 
✰ Bib: <:*BoOgErS*:> Tux Bib Boy Black @ Hello Beautiful @ Spilled Milk
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Hair: *ARGRACE* Ribbed beanie/William

Now go out and Love Yourself
                    ♥ Mouse

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fight Till The Death

Today Momma made cookies and burnt most of them so we had a fight till the death over the none burnt ones. We used our super cool Exclusive toy laser swords from Larnia Kids and wore our Sammy outfit from A Dash of Dulce that comes in 5 colors. You can get them to at the brand new kids event Lucky 7. And lets just say the dark side no longer has the cookies.

* This round of Lucky 7 runs from Nov. 7th - 27th *

✰ Outfit: -DD- Sammy @ Lucky 7
✰ Clogs: <:*BoOgErS*:> Clogs & Leg Warmers Original
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Hair: *ARGRACE* Ribbed beanie/William

✰ Decor 
~* Larnia Kids *~ Toy Laser Sword @ Lucky 7 - Exclusive 

Now go out and Love Yourself
                              ♥ Mouse

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Autumn Kisses

Momma and I went out and picked apples today since the weather was perfect. Ok so it was a little cold but I had my new coat from Gimmick on so I was nice and warm. Now it's trying to convince her to make them into an apple pie and I don't think kisses worked.

*The Neverland event runs now till Nov. 20th*

✰ Pose: {tg.} - Apple Kisses @ Neverland 
✰ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lottie
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Jacket: Gimmick* - Plaid Tweed Jacket (Baby Size Only)
✰ Boots: .S&S.  Tiny Tims  - Wheat

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                  ♥ Mouse

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Winds Of Change

For so long I searched for something I was missing. Come to find out I was looking in all the wrong places. I was trying to force my happiness instead of letting it come to me. I let the wind take me where it wanted and went with the flow. The other day I found way more then I could have ever hoped for. I am still over the moon and can't stop smiling. So if your looking for something that is missing hold on tight. It may seem like its taking forever but maybe you need to just look in another place. Let the winds change and guide you to what you are looking for. 

✰ Outfit: -DD- Amia Outfit Cake
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Hair: .ploom. Alexis - Blondes

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Monday, October 26, 2015

Perfect Pumpkin

My family did our Halloween over the weekend and was it fun. I got all kinds of candy and other cool stuff at the 6th Annual Larnia Trick or Treat event. Its was so much fun and there are so many amazing things to see. We also went to Trunk or Treat and pick up all the super cute free treats along with some of the other cute things for sale. Our last stop was the pumpkin patch where I found the perfect pumpkin. So if you family is looking for some cute things to do this Halloween season why not stop by Trunk or Treat or the 6th Annual Larnia Trick or Treat .

Trunk or Treat 2015 runs from Oct 24 - Nov 7th

✰ Pose: {xoxo} Pumpkin Cutie @ Trunk or Treat 2015

✰ Sweater: jk: Skelly Sweater - BABY - Orange @ Trunk or Treat 2015
✰ Leggings: { petit Macaron } Missy Sweater Dress (Leggings)
✰ Boots: [BOX] Adley Uggh Boot
✰ Necklace: .{Recess}. - CndyCrn Bling: Necklace @ Trunk or Treat 2015
✰ Bracelet: Izzie's - Pride Bracelet
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Althea

✰ Decor ✰
[OUAT] HALLOWEEN BUCKET-Trunk or Treat @ Trunk or Treat 2015
{BunBun} Kitty Packs - Orange Tabby @ Trunk or Treat 2015
PILOT - Pumpkin Gentleman [Orange] @ Trunk or Treat 2015
LK ~ felt block robot (halloween) @ Larnia Trick or Treat 2015
[][] bh [][] - trick or treat 2015 final prize @ Larnia Trick or Treat 2015
LK ~ Wooden Duck Pumpkin @ Larnia Trick or Treat 2015
{what next} Trick or Treat Sign @ Wayward

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Candy Inspector

I found my job forever. I'm the new candy inspector in our house. Momma didn't do a good job of hiding the candy bags and I found them. Look at all this loot we got at Trunk or Treat today. So many amazing free gift and things to buy. Also the fun house is amazing so make sure to check it out while your there.

Trunk or Treat 2015 runs from Oct 24 - Nov 7th

✰ Hair: Magika [Hair] Sweet
✰ Costume: ~Dream. Fawn Costume {B}
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses

✰ Decor ✰
All Items @ Trunk or Treat
{PB} Boo Bag
{PB} Candy Corn Bag
{PB} Monstery Dye Bag
[RI] Ghostie Plushie (Stache)
 [RI] Ghostie Plushie (Bow)
 . Quirky . - OH NO! Ghost Pop - 3
. Quirky . - Cotton Candy Monster Pal - Happy Henry
[LJ] Wax Lips - Fashion (click to change color)
LK ~ bones candy
Turducken - Kawaii Bat Plushie - Black {Decor}
Little Llama - Happy Corn Pal
. tiptoes - Mr. SkeleCat Sitting ( decor )
{BunBun} Bear Lolly
[YKFK] Jack O' Lantern Candy Bucket, Orange (Add Me)

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Friday, October 23, 2015

Autumn Memories

Nothing beats a nice fall day spent with my trial family. Every day we grow closer and closer and I wouldn't change it for anything. So I just had to capture the moment with this super cute pose from xoxo that will be at Trunk or Treat along with a bunch of others in the set. And remember Trunk or Treat opens tomorrow.

Trunk or Treat 2015 runs from Oct 24 - Nov 7th

✰ Pose: {xoxo} / Little Moments Rare 02 @ Trunk or Treat 2015
(w/o Dad and w/ extra kid) 

✰ Cindy ✰
✰ Hair: Magika [Hair] Shimmer
✰ Outfit: [BOX] Outta Candy *10/22 50L Friday*
✰ Glasses: [BOX] Paisley Hipster Glasses
✰ Headband: Noodles - Be A Unicorn Headband Pretty Pastel

✰ Me ✰
✰ Hair: .ploom. Alexis - Blondes
✰ Sweater: --Ragamuffins-- TDB Halloween Pumpkin @ Trunk or Treat 2015
✰ Pants: ~*Buglets*~ TD Layer Jeans (Medium)
✰ Boots: [BOX] Adley Uggh Boots
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses

✰ Sila ✰
✰ Hair: Exile::Spice (Male)
✰ Shirt: Gimmick* - Rolled Up Shirt - Plaid 4
✰ Pants: Little Closet - Dark Wash Jeans

✰ Janey ✰
✰Hair: [e] Hillary (elikatira)
✰ Outfit: Petite Bebe - Tres Chique Bebe {Blue}

✰ Decor ✰
All Items @ Trunk or Treat 2015
[YKFK] Jack O' Lantern Candy Bucket, Orange
Little Llama - Happy Corn Pal
{xoxo} - Little Moments Backdrop Prop

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trade Me?

Nothing like a late night trading of goods and the best place to stock up is Trunk or Treat 2015. It's going to be so amazing with so many amazing stores involved. To top it off all stores will have a free gift and some also have other cute items you can buy. So why not grab your family and head on over Saturday October 24th and check it out.

Trunk or Treat 2015 runs from Oct 24 - Nov 7th

✰ Mouse 
✰ Hair: .ploom. Alexis - Blondes
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
Sweater: --Ragamuffins-- TDB Halloween Pumpkin @ Trunk or Treat 2015
Pants: Little Closet - Rolled Jeans Ripped - Medium Wash
Shoes: -DD- Mouse Keds Baby (Black)
✰ Lips: [LJ] Wax Lips - Happy @ Trunk or Treat 2015
✰ Ryder 
✰ Hair: [taketomi]_Shin_Platinums
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Sweater: --Ragamuffins-- TDB Halloween Frank @ Trunk or Treat 2015
✰ Pants: Little Closet - Rolled Jeans Ripped - Dark Wash
✰ Shoes: -DD- Mouse Keds Baby (Black)
✰ Lollipop: . Quirky . - OH NO! Ghost Pop - 3 @ Trunk or Treat 2015

✰ Decor 
All Items @ Trunk or Treat 2015
Schadenfreude Cyclops Mask
. tiptoes - Mr. SkeleCat Sitting ( decor )
Little Llama - Happy Corn Pal
. Quirky . - Cotton Candy Monster Pal - Evil Ed
. Quirky . - Cotton Candy Monster Pal - Kitty Kat
[LJ] Wax Lips - Kissy 

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Jackpot

Over the weekend my GodMommy took me and my sissy to a pumpkin patch. So we dressed up super warm in our sweats from Boogers and headed to the farm. Well when we got there we couldn't make up our minds on what pumpkins to pick so we just picked a whole bunch.

Trunk or Treat 2015 runs from Oct 24 - Nov 15th

✰ Pose: {tg.} - Our Big Haul! (20% off till Nov. 8th)
✰ Hair: .ploom. Alexis - Blondes
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ]Wayfarer Glasses
 Binky: [Yammari] Butterfly Paci
✰ Hoodie & Pants: <:*BoOgErS*:> Gender Neutral Sweats Punkins @ Trunk or Treat 2015
✰ Shoes:  -DD- Mouse Keds Black

✰ Hair: [[^.^Ayashi^.^] Tomo hair-Blond set
✰ Hoodie & Pants: <:*BoOgErS*:> Gender Neutral Sweats Webs @ Gender Neutral
✰ Shoes:  -DD- Mouse Keds Black & Orange

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lazy Halloween

Ever been invited to a last minute Halloween party? Well do Copper and I have a solution to that age old question "What am I going to wear?". We took the time to come up with several super cute last minute Instant Costumes but you can turn every outfit into one with the Instant Costume ears from Little Llama. They come in many colors and animals. So run on down to the Depraved Nation Freak Show Gacha Carnival and grab your Instant Costume today. 

Depraved Nation Freak Show Gacha Carnival runs from Oct. 17th -31st


✰ Ears: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Mouse/White @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival
✰ Hair: .ploom. Alexis - Blondes
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ]Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Shirt: .S&S. Pullover Hoodie - Clay
✰ Pants: bop! Cargo Shorts - Distressed
✰ Shoes: .S&S.  Tiny Tims  - Wheat
✰ Bucket: ~*Buglets*~ Lil Witch Trick or Treat Bucket @ The Playroom
✰ Ears on Copper: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Bunny/White @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival


✰ Ears: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Dog/Skulls @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival
✰ Hair: Action Inkubator Hair Louis
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
 Binky: [Yammari] Butterfly Paci
✰ Overalls: [SKL] AverageJoe Overalls
✰ Shoes:  -DD- Mouse Keds Black
✰ Bucket: ~* Larnia Kids *~ Halloween Treat Bucket (orange)
✰ Ears on Copper: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Cat/Silver @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival


✰ Ears: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Deer/Pastels RARE @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival
✰ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Astra
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Shirt: Little Closet - Stay Warm Top - Fawn
✰ Pants: Little Closet - Rolled Jeans - Dark Wash
✰ Shoes: {lma} suede booties in beige.
✰ Ears on Copper: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Deer/White RARE @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Double Decker Bed?

I don't know about you but I have a deep love for British culture. So I fell in love with the Double Decker Bus bed by Little Llama. It is out now at Genre and makes for a great addition to my Doctor Who collection. Also if you get it during Genre it is discounted to only 100L and you can't beat that

This round of Genre runs from Oct. 15th - Nov. 12th

✰ Hoodie: bop! Open Hoodie - Tardis
✰ Pants: bop! Pants - Beige Corduroy
✰ Shoes: -DD- Mouse Keds (Black)
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Hair: Action Inkubator HAIR Dexter

✰ Bed: Little Llama - Big City Loft Bed - Red @ Genre
✰ Pig: !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Piggy Who?]
✰ Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> Geronimo Bear RARE
✰ Pony: (David) Pwnie Standing ~silentsparrow~ RARE
✰ Laptop: LeMomo: Laptop (DrWho/Tardis)

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Mother's Love

I can't tell you how over the moon I am to have finally found the missing piece of my heart. All the love this lady has in her heart is amazing. I was at Color Me Cute and found this super cute pose from Glamrus Kids and I just had to share it. Also you may not be able to read my shirt but it says 'Mom's Lil' Boo' and you can find it for free from Petite Boutique at the Petite Pumpkin Patch event that runs now till the 31st. There are also a bunch of other cute things.

This round of Color Me Cute runs from Oct. 15th- Nov. 1st

✰ Pose: Glamrus Kids . Falling Leaves @ Color Me Cute
✰ Shirt: {PB} Boo Tee
✰ Sweater on Waist: Little Closet - Tied Shirt - Berry
✰ Pants: Little Closet - Rolled Jeans Ripped - Medium Wash
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Bracelet: Izzie's - Pride Bracelet
✰ Hair: [taketomi]_Shin_Platinums

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Leaves Fall

There is nothing better then the sound of leaves crunching under your boots as the cool breeze stings your cheeks. I put on my new super warm puppy sweater from A Dash of Dulce and took Atticus out to play in the pile of leaves momma made. The best thing about these sweaters is there are so many animals to choose from. And if you want to play in the leaves you should run by Color Me Cute because Tiny Gems has some cute fall poses along with all the other cute stuff at the event.

This round of Color Me Cute runs from Oct. 15th- Nov. 1st

✰ Pose: {tg.} - Hooray, Autumn! @ Color Me Cute
✰ Sweater: -DD- Woof Sweater 
✰ Leggins: -DD- Woof Leggings
✰ Boots: -DD- Woof Dugg Boots
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Beanie: -DD- Mouse Beanie (White) *Tinted*
✰ Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Marin Mesh Hair - UNRIGGED - Rye *Just Bangs*
✰ Puppy: MishMish - German Shepherd Puppy Deco *Sitting*

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Ryder "Mouse"

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Seasons Changing

There is nothing in the world like fall. The crisp air, crunching leaves under your feet, and over sized sweaters. Also more pumpkins than you can imagine and I got stuck in one. I came across this super cute sweater outfit that I just had to share. Its from this new store named Gimmick and I can't wait to see all the cute stuff they will make. This pose is another of the many inside the GlamRus gatcha at The Playroom that runs till the end of the month. I went exploring and found a super cute place Blithe to take photos. ( It does cost 250 to join the group but the two sims are so pretty and change with the seasons.

This round of The Playroom runs from Oct. 5th - 31st

✰ Sweater/Pants: Gimmick* - Baby Sweat Suit (Baby size ONLY)
✰ Boots: {lma} suede booties in beige.
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
 Binky: [Yammari] Butterfly Paci
✰ Hair: Blues. Skye
✰ Pose: Glamrus Kids . Oh My Pumpkins 03 @ The Playroom

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Monday, October 5, 2015

Not So Spooky Buddies!

Squee! I love love love the fall and even more Halloween. I like to celebrate every day of the month. One of my favorite things are all the scary and creepy movies, decorations, and much more. I do know that not every one likes creepy or scary but even if you do the things at The Playroom are for you. I found these super cute plushies that are great for decor too. If you are a little witch or wizard Buglets has some super cute things like a floating broom and cauldron with poses. That little ghost floating around is George and his a free gift this month at !Ohmai. So go and get your not so creepy Halloween on at the Playroom with month. 

This round of The Playroom runs from Oct. 5th - 31st

✰ Sweater & Leggings: {PB} Willow Outfit Baby
✰ Boots: [BOX] Adley Uggh
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Hair: tram  C606 hair / creamyellow
✰ Friend: !Ohmai : George da Ghost (Free gift)

✰ Decor 
All @ The Playroom
Little Llama - Not-So-Spooky Hooty
Little Llama - Not-So-Spooky Bogey
Little Llama - Not-So-Spooky PumpKat RARE
Little Llama - Not-So-Spooky Spidey
Little Llama - Not-So-Spooky SkeleBuddy
Glamrus Kids . Oh My Pumpkins 04
~*Buglets*~ Lil Witch Hat
~*Buglets*~ Lil Witch Cauldron RARE
~*Buglets*~ Lil Witch Trick or Treat Bucket
~*Buglets*~  Lil Witch Broom

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Its a Bird. Its a Plane. Its.... Maleficent?

So today I invited Jennah over to play dress up with my new play set. She came as over as Maleficent but I didn't know she was really evil. Before I knew it she filled the whole house with a green smoke and I don't think momma is gonna like it. We had lots of fun and I found out that superman has one more weakness Maleficent and her magic.

This super cute photo prop is from the The Photographers Hunt. All hunt items are 5L and it is photography themed. If you would like to know more check out the hunt blog. It runs from Oct. 1st -31st.

Full Resolution Photos

✰ Me 
✰ Costume: [Spaz] TD Baby - I'm So Super Costume
✰ Hair: Action Inkubator Hair Louis
✰ Shoes: -DD- Mouse Keds Baby (Red)

✰ Jennah 
✰ Costume: {Blubb} Maleficent
✰ Hair: tram  E816 hair / shell&creamyellow  
✰ Staff: *MishMish* Malevolent Avatar

✰ Decor 
Little Llama - City Skyline Prop (Comes with free flying pose)

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse