Friday, August 7, 2015

All The Clutter & Much More

This is my first post about amazing things I found. My twin sister and I needed to decorate our playroom and did we hit the jackpot at The Playroom. Not only did we find super cute clutter items but a whole playhouse. Now we have a super cute playhouse in the back yard to top off a super cool playroom. So if you want some cute playroom clutter or need a new playhouse go check out Buglets gacha at The Playroom.

✰ Me ✰
 ✰ Hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Min v1 (rigged)
✰ Full outfit: [TTT] - Nope Outfit
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses w/ HUD

✰ Sila ✰
✰ Hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Min v2 (rigged)
✰ Top: [Spaz] TD Kid - Heart on my sleeve T-shirt
✰ Pants: bop! Cargo Shorts (TD Kids) Distressed
✰ Scribbles on Face: [Nerdalicious] Scribbles - Face
✰ Body Scribbles: Aura's Playtime in the Tub Washable Crayons (Wear Me) (Blue) *Not available. Limited 50*

✰ Decor ✰
All @ The Playroom
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Playhouse RARE
~*Buglets*~Ryleigh's Dino [Green]
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Dino [Pink]
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Hopscotch
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Light Curtain
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Posters
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Coloring CLutter
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Panda Chair
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Play Table
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Pouf [Green]
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Pouf [Pink]
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Puzzle
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Sleeping Bag [Blue]
~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Sleeping Bag [Purple]
~~*Buglets*~ Ryleigh's Toy Shelf
Casita - Clubhouse - Telescope (Purple and Yellow)
Casita - Clubhouse - Art Mess
Doodlez Pirate! Chair
Doodlez Ninja Chair

I didn't want to make this post super huge so this link will take you to a list of all the clutter that wasn't part of The Playroom event. Items Not Featured

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome to Nerdy Baby

Hi, everyone!

Thank you so much for reading my very first post. It's gonna be a little bit about me and my plans for my Blog

First I want to say how excited I am to be blogging. I attempted it a few years back and didn't get hooked but I want to give it another go. So my plan for this blog is to try and cover it all from clothes, hair, accessories, to decor, furniture, toys, and even things I do with friends and family. I know sounds crazy right but you know I may just be that crazy.

So a little bit about me. I'm Ryder but everyone just calls me Mouse. I'm 3 years old and I love all things nerdy, geeky, cute, rainbow, oh and fluffy. Here and in world you will see me as a "girl" and "boy". If that makes you uncomfortable please keep the negative comments to yourself, cuz I love who I am :D I enjoy just chillin and shopping in SL. I also love love Wrestling, Zombies games, Sims, and League.

Since I'm super new to blogging I love all feed back. If you ever have a question about a post please feel free to drop me a line in world to BabyMickie Sandalwood.

Hair: (Chemistry) Hair - Min v1 (rigged)
✰ Full outfit: [TTT] - Gamer Boy
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses w/ HUD
✰ Knees::: Little Mint :: Booboo Knees

~Les Brown

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse