Tuesday, April 12, 2016


When it comes to cancer sometimes all you have left is Hope. For my family that is very true. My aunt has relapsed with her breast cancer once again. She is now terminal as it has moved to over her heart. So my family counts on Hope. When there is nothing else we to hold onto we hold onto Hope. The Hope for a cure. The Hope for a little more time. So if you want to help others hold onto that tiny bit of Hope think about going to the Family Fun Fair and donating to RFL. 

Family Fun Fair runs from April 9th - April 17th *

✰ Dress: CCC Heather @ Family Fun Fair
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Hair: .ploom. Alexis - Blondes

[REZ] Light Box - Cure @ Family Fun Fair
.trinket. hope frame @ Family Fun Fair

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