Monday, October 19, 2015

Lazy Halloween

Ever been invited to a last minute Halloween party? Well do Copper and I have a solution to that age old question "What am I going to wear?". We took the time to come up with several super cute last minute Instant Costumes but you can turn every outfit into one with the Instant Costume ears from Little Llama. They come in many colors and animals. So run on down to the Depraved Nation Freak Show Gacha Carnival and grab your Instant Costume today. 

Depraved Nation Freak Show Gacha Carnival runs from Oct. 17th -31st


✰ Ears: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Mouse/White @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival
✰ Hair: .ploom. Alexis - Blondes
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ]Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Shirt: .S&S. Pullover Hoodie - Clay
✰ Pants: bop! Cargo Shorts - Distressed
✰ Shoes: .S&S.  Tiny Tims  - Wheat
✰ Bucket: ~*Buglets*~ Lil Witch Trick or Treat Bucket @ The Playroom
✰ Ears on Copper: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Bunny/White @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival


✰ Ears: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Dog/Skulls @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival
✰ Hair: Action Inkubator Hair Louis
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
 Binky: [Yammari] Butterfly Paci
✰ Overalls: [SKL] AverageJoe Overalls
✰ Shoes:  -DD- Mouse Keds Black
✰ Bucket: ~* Larnia Kids *~ Halloween Treat Bucket (orange)
✰ Ears on Copper: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Cat/Silver @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival


✰ Ears: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Deer/Pastels RARE @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival
✰ Hair: TRUTH HAIR Astra
✰ Glasses: [ tomboi ] Wayfarer Glasses
✰ Shirt: Little Closet - Stay Warm Top - Fawn
✰ Pants: Little Closet - Rolled Jeans - Dark Wash
✰ Shoes: {lma} suede booties in beige.
✰ Ears on Copper: Little Llama - Instant-Costume - Deer/White RARE @ Freak Show Gacha Carnival

Now go out and Love Yourself
                                    ♥ Mouse

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