Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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Ok, well my come back got a little delayed thanks to Biff but no one is stopping me now. I don't think he liked I "borrowed" his box of cupcakes. That is probably why he had been after me, but I have my sweet new space board and I can do anything. If you want to get your hands on a sick ride like mine then get your piggy bank and head head over to the Gatcha Guardians and look for Junk Food's machine. If you want get your hands on these sweet treats, head to Junk Food's main store for the Shop Hop event.

Gatcha Guardians April round runs all month
Shop Hop's April round runs until the 7th

✰ Jacket: [P] Noah Bomber
✰ Shoes: FLite. -Swt Gray Sky Mcfly
✰Bracelets: Junk Food - LGBT Rights Bracelet

Junk Food - Galatic Cupcake
Junk Food - Space Board Original RARE @ Gatcha Guardians 

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