Monday, May 1, 2017

Where The Wild Baby Sleeps

I was so excited for this round of Shop Hop since the theme is Wild Child. What made it even better was getting accept to join the blogger team. When I saw the wild child set from KitterDoodle I wanted to never take it off. I ran around all day in it and even slept in the tree like a true wild child. If you want to be a wild child too then make sure to check out this round of Shop Hop starting May 6th.

Shop Hop May round runs from May 6th - May 13th

✰ Hair: Action Inkubator HAIR Jaxon
✰ Diaper: Puddlepants Diaper - TD Baby
✰ Headband: [KitterDoodle] Wild Child Headband [Bright] for Shop Hop
✰ Body Paint: [KitterDoodle] Wild Child [Brights] Body Paint for Shop Hop
✰ Holster: [KitterDoodle] Wild Holster [Brights] for Shop Hop
✰ Speer: [KitterDoodle] Wild Spear [Bright] [Back] for Shop Hop

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